Hire an ACX Narrator to Get Your Audiobook on Audible.com Fast

If you have a story to tell, you’d be surprised how quickly you can have your own audiobook.

Surveys say that 81%, most people, would like to be a published author. With services like Kindle Direct Publishing there’s never been a better time to self publish. In the process you can…

Get your book on Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours.

Earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers with an International reach. As soon as your book goes live you can simultaneously make sales in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and more.

Best thing is, KDP University gives all the step by step instructions you will ever need. In comparison to trying to publish a book in the 90’s it is pretty much ridiculously simple…

Once you get published on KDP you are super close to having an audiobook ready to be sold on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes

When I produced my first audiobook, I had a choice to make. Do I narrate my book or do I hire a narrator.

Honestly, I would love to be the voice of my own books but as a family man with a full time job a few thoughts flashed through my mind when I got to this point.

Where am I going to do this? I have no studio or equipment.

How do I prevent my wife, 3 kids, or 2 crazy dogs from interrupting my narration session? Answer: I don’t. Snowball effect…mounting impracticality for self-narration.

Fortunately, just a few clicks on the ACX marketplace website and I found my answer. Hire a narrator!

I uploaded a 1 page sample from my ebook and literally within 15 minutes I was listening to narrator’s audition for the opportunity. It was really cool hearing people read my work. About 3 weeks later my book was listed in Audible.com


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Your free trial membership includes 1 free Audible credit good to exchange for your first audiobook. A friendly email reminder is sent before your trial ends.

Curious about audiobooks? You are not alone.

According to a Deloitte article, The Rise of Audiobooks and Podcasting By Duncan Stewart, Mark Casey, Craig Wigginton “The United States’ audiobook market—predicted at US$1.5 billion in 2020, and growing at a seemingly sustainable 20 to 25 percent per year for the next few years—is the world’s largest.”

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